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Virtual Cities Directory
This is a collection of links to 3D representations of real cities around the world. All the models are based on the VRML standard. Please check the VRML Info page for more information and browser compatibility.


Sydney by Planet 9 Studios


Ottawa by Wizard Solutions
Toronto by Wizard Solutions
Vancouver by Solomon Wang (University of British Columbia)


Strasbourg by Francis Felix


GTA Geoinformatik GmbH A collection of German cities: Freiburg, Hamburg Blankenese, Leipzig, Neubrandenburg, Strasburg (Um.), Wiesbaden, with excellent graphics and model navigation o2c plugin needed.


Dublin by Hugh McAtamney (Dublin Institute of Technology)


Milano Virtuale - Piaza del Duomo 3D chat worlds and 3D games based on ISO Web3D graphics standard, VRML/X3D.
by VRInternal 3D interactive


Bath at the University of Bath


Ljublijana by Ljublijana Turist Information Portal


Atlanta by Planet 9 Studios
Austin by Planet 9 Studios
Boston by Planet 9 Studios
Denver by Planet 9 Studios

Please contact if you would like to have your link included in the list.


Toronto model
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